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Posted 7/10/2011 8:54:17 AM
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I am seeing tons of 672 events with logon type 2.  I have a couple questions assuming 672 are generated on domain controllers both when a user tries to logon to the console of a member server, and when trying to access a share from one member server/workstation to another member server.

1. Is this indicative of a user logging onto the console when i see the logon type 2 (or logon type 10 in the case of RDP access)?

2. In the case of a user accessing a share on a member server from a server/workstation that the user is already authenticated, what does the logon type refer to in this case?

Maybe my assumptions are incorrect about the workings of 672, but I am seeing what looks like thousands of console logons to my member servers!

Please advise,



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Posted 7/11/2011 9:03:36 AM


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Not sure what field you are confusing as logon type in 672 but logon type isn't provided in Account Logon (aka Authentication) events - only in logon events like 528 and 540. 


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