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Posted 7/8/2011 10:56:10 AM
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We are trying to find a way to allow the guest PC's on our network to install Adobe and Java updates without granting Local Admin rights to each PC. Our network admin says this is not possible, and if itis, he doesn't know how to make this happen.

My question to you: Is there a method (or 3rd party product) that would allow us to update our PC's without granted Local Admin to all machines?  Our concern is having all users with Local Admin on PC's being able to install/uninstall software, propagate viruses, etc. 

Any guidance or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you! 

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i'm a little confused - what do you mean by guest pcs.  if they are PCs owned by visiting people you can't be worried about them having admin authority to their computer much less change what they have since the computer isn't in your domain.

if these are PCs owned by you for the use of guests, then just get something like Lumension  patch and remediation 

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