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Posted 8/30/2009 10:13:57 PM
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Why would a domain user want to use explicit rights as the enterprise domain admin to logon?  Please see example with confidential details changed.

Audit Success1/28/20096:20:24 PM552SecurityLogon/Logoff\SYSTEMCOMPUTER
Logon attempt using explicit credentials:
Logged on user:
User Name: domain user
Domain: domain
Logon ID: (******)
Logon GUID: {****}
User whose credentials were used:
Target User Name: administrator
Target Domain: DOMAIN
Target Logon GUID: {*****}

Target Server Name: (null)
Target Server Info: (null)
Caller Process ID: (null)
Source Network Address: (null)
Source Port: (null)
Caller Process Name: (null)
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Posted 9/1/2009 6:16:36 AM


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look at who the domain user is.  most likely this is

- a legit admin following best practive of using 2 accounts (1 unprivileged, 1 privileged) and then using RunAs to open an admin program requiring his privileged account

- task scheduler starting up a logon session for a program to run under admin authority

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